New York Water Garden

role: concept development, exhibition design, visual design, illustration

year: 2020

collaborators: Yunni Yang, Allison Miller

special thanks: Gallagher & Associates and especially our internship mentors Jenny Parker and Bailey Whisler 

In this passion project created during a Gallagher & Associates internship my collaborators and I wanted to design a series of exhibits for a (fictional) botanical garden that would bring hidden elements of a garden to the forefront and allow visitors to feel responsible for supporting the garden. We focused on the irrigation system, making it visible as a series of tubes and water features that ran throughout the space. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the water in a variety of ways so that they can learn, in a tactile way, how to care for a healthy garden.

I designed a series of playful interactive exhibitions to engage visitors with different aspects of their experience at New York Water Garden.

︎︎︎ Visitors can see the exposed irrigation system throughout garden

︎︎︎ When visitors first arrive they can add water to the water wheel and watch as their contribution helps to keep the garden healthy

︎︎︎ Visitors can explore five elevated biomes 

︎︎︎ Visitors can add a message to a bottle and send it through the water ways to be read by another visitor at the end of their visit

︎︎︎ Visitors can create a seed pouch to bring a bit of the garden home with them

Watch the full presentation, given to the Gallagher & Associates team, at the video below︎︎︎

Lizzy Chiappini

Lizzy Chiappini