Interacting with Abydos 

role: concept, exhibition design, renderings, photoshop collage

year: 2020

technology: sketchup, rhino, v-ray, unity, photogrammetry, photoshop

collaboratorsKatie Han, Sydney Meyers, Ge Chang

special thanks: Matthew Adams, Co-Director of the North Abydos Expedition in Egypt

Interacting With Abydos was developed as a way to make the archeological discoveries emerging from the North Abydos Expedition more accessible to the non-archeologists community. We created a digital exhibition that mimicked some of the dig-site techniques to tell the stories behind the artifacts. We had the pleasure of working directly with Matthew Adams, Senior Research Scholar at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU and co-director of the North Abydos Expedition, to learn about objects being uncovered onsite.

We were interested in thinking of this project both as a digital exhibition and as an exploration in spatial design. We created the following renderings to show how this exhibition would be displayed in a museum.

We created two ways for the audience to interact with the archeological information. One is a “dig” interactive where the audience can use sliders to look at artifacts from different time periods. The other is an “artifact table” where the audience can trigger hotspots on the 3 dimensional artifacts to learn more about them.

We also prototyped the interactives using custom circuitry connected to Unity.

We had the opportunity to work in collaboration with Matthew Adams to learn about the stories behind the artifacts we included in the exhibition.

Our process inluded 1. brainstorming 2. creating paper prototypes and playtesting 3. meeting with Matthew Adams to review the artifacts 4. building out the prototypes 5. refining the renderings 

To explore the digital exhibition go to:

Lizzy Chiappini

Lizzy Chiappini