Blob Garden

role: concept, design, illustrations

: 2021

Blob Garden is a proposal for a mobile, modular playground that is designed for children to enjoy open-ended and unstructured play. The playground is made up of a range of modular shapes that encourage creative expression. The entire playground fits inside of a truck and can be driven to a variety of geographical locations. Ideally Blob Garden would be owned by a city’s parks department. 

All of the playground pieces were designed to fit together like a large-scale puzzle.

Children are encouraged to play with the shapes however they want! 

I playtested the cardboard prototype with two groups of kids. 

I also made a miniature cork prototype of Blob Garden ︎︎︎

My process involved 1. sketching and thinking about my experiences and interestes as a kid 2. 3d modeling in Vector Works 3. making minatures in cardboard and sending them out by mail to be playtested 4. making miniatures out of cork 5. building fullsize carboard prototypes 6. playtesting

Blob Garden was created for my thesis project for NYU’s ITP program. Watch the full project presentation below ︎︎︎